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Apple iPhone 4 Bumper Case Review

Friday, April 8, 2011 , Posted by SmallVille at 10:41 AM

Apple introduces its just a case for its new iPhone 4. It's called the bumper in case. That the name itself, this suggests that this case can withstand any blow.
With a sleek and glossy design, the new iPhone Apple 4 Bumper Case protects stainless steel sides of the iPhone 4, since the parties do not scratch resistant. Made of plastic and rubber, it is also very flexible making it easy to place iPhone in.
Although it is not really protect the front and back of the iPhone 4, there is almost no need to worry. glass used in the iPhone 4 is only much stronger than what they used on previous iPhones.
Bumper It allows you to fully see the entire screen of your iPhone. It also adds a better grip, yet a little rise on all sides of your iPhone 4, it gives added protection especially if you put it on the counter or any flat surface. No display, no rear iPhone 4 touches the surface makes it free from any scratches. This does not fully guarantee the protection, though, when you put your phone in your bag.
Apple iPhone 4 Bumper Case for $ 29 each and are available in Apple stores across the country and on its website. It comes in six bright colors - black, blue, green, pink, orange and white. To fulfill your iPhone 4 defense, you can also buy screen protector for the faithful scratching the phone.

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